Xaar 3D printheads

Xaar 3D printheads

November 22, 2021



Xaar’s printheads were selected by industrial 3D printing manufacturer dp polar GmbH to power their AMpolar il.

The new compact AMpolar i1 becomes part of dp polar’s patented Additive Mass Manufacturing process that uses Xaar 1003 printheads to jet parts at volume and deliver 3D printing on a truly industrial scale.

dp polar designs, develops and delivers industrial 3D printing systems and solutions for the automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, and consumer industries, and has worked with Xaar in the use of its printheads.

The AMpolar i1 harnesses dp polar’s single- pass printing process, enabling build volumes of up to 240 liters across its innovative continuously rotating print platform, with a build area of just under one square meter (10.3ft2). Layers of between 4-25µm can be put down, achieving resolutions of up to 720 x 720 x 5.000dpi.

This combination of scalability, productivity and agility achieves an output that required multiple conventional 3D machines, and significantly more capital investment.

The AMpolar i1 and the Xaar 1003 combines speed, reliability, and capacity to jet fluids at high viscosities, enables jetting of fluids up to 100 centipoises (cP) in a single pass.