3D design interface update

3D design interface update

June 3, 2021


Vention has a new MachineBuilder interface. 

Highlights of the update include:

  • Tabbing between MachineBuilder (3D design) and MachineLogic (code-free programming) makes it even quicker to add automation to your design.
  • The top left side of the menu is dedicated to everything file management, you can quickly save designs, access your design tree, and take a snapshot or change your design name. For more design file-related items, simply click the ? next to the design name.
  • The core design tools have been regrouped and moved to the center, allowing you to better focus while designing. This menu is customizable from the settings located under the top left ‘Menu’.
  • You still have quick access to your Vention profile and cart, and we have added quick access to ‘help’ and ‘resources’ as well.
  • The right side of your main menu is dedicated to collaboration. Here you can share your design (by adding collaborators or using a share link), add comments to colleagues already on your design or export your design to share offline.
  • Just below the collaboration tools is your design information. Pop open this menu to see price, weight and assembly time estimates as well as a quick link to download a PDF quote for your design.
  • At the bottom of your parts browser, you have the option to add ‘add-ons’ (maintenance items, extra fasteners, cabling etc) and ‘software’ (MachineApps, URCap etc.). These are items that do not typically need to be added to the 3D design but are critical to commissioning your design.

Learn more with these video tutorials.