TE Connectivity’s hybrid inline connector

TE Connectivity’s hybrid inline connector

May 4, 2022

TE Connectivity


There’s an increasing amount of electronic content in modern vehicles, leading to a cable harness complexity impacting manufacturing, supply chain, costs, and vehicle weight. OEMs are seeking to reduce this complexity by simplifying architectures and consolidating connections within the car.

TE Connectivity (TE), a connectivity and sensors provider, launched an innovative Generation Y 68P sealed hybrid inline connector enabling ease of manufacturing for OEMs, reducing the number of connections, simplifying supply chain complexity, and reducing cost. The new Generation Y 68P combines signal, power, and data connectivity into one connector.

“Often data connectors are found running alongside low voltage signal and power connectors creating a complex harness, which leads to higher costs, additional weight, more space, and complicated manufacturing,” said Kevin Presnell, product manager at TE. “The Generation Y 68P sealed hybrid inline connector is a compact and reliable solution supporting the ongoing industry challenges faced by OEMs, and can positively, cost-effectively impact the supply chain.”

The Generation Y 68P sealed hybrid inline connector combines the robust and reliable Mate-AX mini coaxial connector with a combination of 0.64/1.5/2.8mm power and signal circuits into one hybrid connection. It is compact in size for a 68P inline connector making it an excellent miniaturized hybrid solution for inline connector consolidation.

The most common use for the Generation Y 68P sealed hybrid inline connector is applications where separate low voltage power and signal connectors are running alongside traditional data connectivity, including high-resolution cameras and displays, antenna connections, transfer of video and sensor signals.