Wiring heat-shrink equipment

Wiring heat-shrink equipment

June 11, 2021

TE Connectivity


Berywn, Pennsylvania – Demanding heat shrink applications require tube processing equipment that provides optimal heating temperatures as well as performance and control features for helping to protect splices in harsh environments. To address this need, connectivity and sensors firm TE Connectivity (TE) has introduced its X Series heat shrink processing equipment. From the compact RBK X1 machine to the XB 17 and XB 19 belt heaters, these machines offer rugged and reliable solutions to handle a broad range of applications and tube processing requirements.


X Series heat shrink processing equipment portfolio includes the following:

RBK X1 processor: A semi-automatic unit designed specifically for sealing wire bundles, splice terminals, and ring terminals with a tubing diameter up to 19mm and lengths up to 60mm. The RBK X1 features long life heating elements, operator key lock/password protection levels, and individual selections for installation times, temperature, and product size information.

RBK X1C heat shrink processor: Includes an automatic centering device that helps to maintain accurate wire and tubing placement. Programmable splice sensors electronically verify that wires are accurately positioned to begin the centering process. Upon validation of wire placement, the system will activate automated guide arms to properly position the tubing product into place for the heat shrink cycle to begin.

• XB 17, XB 19 belt heaters: Feature a slim profile design for easy production layout. The XB 17 model can process tubing diameters up to 19mm with a maximum length of 90mm. The XB 19 model can process tubing diameters up to 25mm, with lengths up to 100mm (160mm for the wide format model). The heaters include an integrated multi-language touchscreen interface with programmable logic system that can adjust belt speed and temperature settings, as well as offer users the ability to create hundreds of unique profiles. The belt automatically reverses direction to prevent wires from entering the heating chamber before reaching desired temperature, and connection ports support several functions such as a bar-code scanner, automatic temperature calibration, and remote access to an upstream welder. For improved accuracy, XB 17 and XB 19 model belt heaters can be equipped with an easy-to-install automatic centering device (PN 2375330-1). XB 19 belt heaters offer added features including higher wattage heating elements and operating temperature allowing for larger tubing diameter and length and offering an adjustable belt distance. Customers can opt for product holders for ring terminal/stub, a machine stand with wheels for easy re-layout, and custom MES.