Suhner's machining units with protective guards

Suhner's machining units with protective guards

April 25, 2022

Suhner Manufacturing Inc.

Suhner Industrial Products Corp. introduces machining units with special guards that protect mechanical and electrical components against contamination from fiberglass dust and fibers, as well as dust from composite and 3D printed products. Suhner offers automated drilling, boring, tapping, threading and other tools for high-production environments on these products throughout North America.

When drilling high quality holes into sheet metal composites and dissimilar material stacks of resin bonded fibers or 3D printed polymer substrates, for example, these dust-protected machining units are an ideal solution. They are universal and can be positioned everywhere alongside the workpiece for precision, automatic machining. Regardless of the complexity of the workpiece or the number of operations that need to be performed, all machining units work at the same time and only the longest operation defines the total cycle time, when the units are used in multiple setups.

Other Suhner machining units can be applied from different directions and perform all necessary operations at the same time. Additionally, more operations in a smaller footprint lead to greater time savings, while standard and customized solutions are offered through an optimized modular component system from Suhner. These robust machining units have myriad applications in the automotive, RV, building, appliance, aerospace, and electrical industries.