Modular connectors for signals, power, pneumatics

Modular connectors for signals, power, pneumatics

June 17, 2021


Building upon an already solid reputation for safe and reliable performance, Stäubli has launched a new generation of CombiTac connector solutions. Now available as two distinct product ranges, CombiTac direqt and CombiTac uniq, these compact and space-saving modular connector solutions can be configured to meet exact dimensional and technical requirements.

CombiTac direqt is ideal for applications where fast, tool-free connections are required, and where combinations of electrical signals, power, and pneumatics need to be integrated within a single connector. Stäubli’s Click-and-Connect system allows the various modules to be quickly configured to meet individual customer requirements, reducing the time needed for assembly and keeping future maintenance costs to the minimum. In addition, each carrier and frame is coded, eliminating any possibility of assembly errors or incorrect polarity mating between male and female connectors.

All configurations, whether for panel mount or housing applications, ensure a reliable connection for signals, power, and pneumatic coupling for up to 10,000 mating cycles. Medium and high current contacts up to 350A are available, offering IP2X protection on both the male and female side, together with leak-free pneumatic couplings up to 15 bar. The quality of the contacts remains at the highest level throughout the product life cycle, providing constant low contact resistance and stable performance even in the presence of shock and vibration.

Stäubli’s long-established existing family of CombiTac connectors has been renamed CombiTac uniq. This 100% customizable range offers connections for power up to 300A, signal, data, thermocouple, coaxial, fiber optic, fluids, and pneumatics. Rated at up to 100,000 mating cycles, CombiTac uniq continues to meet the highest possible standards within demanding mechanical and environmental environments, guaranteeing high performance levels and a long service life.

Both CombiTac direqt and CombiTac uniq connectors can be supplied ready assembled, including cable assembly if required. They can also be quickly and easily configured online using the intuitive and award-winning CombiTac configurator at