Nexa3D and Henkel’s Functional Polymers

Nexa3D and Henkel’s Functional Polymers

November 17, 2021


Nexa3D, the maker of polymer 3D printers, inked an exclusive material development agreement with functional polymers leader Henkel, building upon the companies’ partnership and deepening their joint commitment to advancing the capabilities of additive manufacturing (AM) for volume production. The two companies plan to develop next-generation functional polymers that leverage their combined technologies specifically targeting volume production opportunities in industrial casting, footwear, medical, and consumer goods industries.

Nexa3D and Henkel are developing a new casting material designed for industrial metal castings for automotive, robotics, heavy machinery, and hydraulics. Manufacturers can use the material to produce complex geometries to reduce weight and consolidate parts, resulting in affordable lightweight parts at high production volumes. Advanced design for AM tools will optimize results possible with the material, enabling reductions in material and energy consumption as well as final part weights and costs.

The combination of Nexa3D’s additive production platform and Henkel’s development of a new generation of casting material can digitize the casting workflow of foundries looking to upgrade from traditional wax tooling to additive manufacturing. This development delivers traditional metal AM at 20X higher productivity, using supply chain approved metals.

This new casting material produces thermally stable patterns, eliminating the need for refrigerated containers or bespoke tooling for each design. The parts are more sustainable, compared to traditional stereolithography processes, because they use fresh resin, rather than resin from a large vat that requires constant energy to maintain.