Marposs’ non-contact machine vision measuring systems

Marposs’ non-contact machine vision measuring systems

August 9, 2022

Marposs Corp

Marposs, a leader in measurement, inspection, and test technologies, announced the availability of non-contact machine vision measuring systems able to detect the presence of defects such as porosity, scratches, and depressions on the sealing surfaces of castings. The systems can be used to inspect housing, from the engine block of a traditional combustion engine to the housing of electric drive units (EDU) for electric vehicles.

Traditional leak testing is used to verify water, oil, fuel, and other circuits on cast parts, but is not capable of validating sealing surfaces where gaskets must be coupled with other part surfaces. Casting defects can cause leaks that compromise the proper functioning of the component and jeopardize the life of the product. An irregular mating surface will affect the sealing of the gasket to the casting, allowing fluids to leak into the channels.

The same technology can be proposed for the fuel cell industry to verify the surface quality of SOFC components. Anodes and cathodes are exposed to enormous thermal and mechanical stresses, and the presence of even small defects in the material can lead to material failure and compromise the proper functioning of the entire fuel cell.

The systems, suited for in-process production lines, use robot-operated high-resolution cameras and grazing lights combined with stereo-photometric technique to inspect critical sections of the cast component. The Feret diameter of the defects, as well as the distance between defects, is measured to determine the concentration of anomalies on the surface. Geometric measurement of the component can also be accomplished.

Marposs can provide fully automated, semi-automated or manual turnkey non-contact vision-based solutions designed to the specific application needs of the customer.  As compared to humans, automated vision systems provide reliable and reproducible inspection.