Wire windings analyzer

Wire windings analyzer

October 5, 2021

Marposs Corp


Auburn Hills, Michigan – Marposs, a global leader in measurement, inspection, and test technologies, has announced its LT400 system, a laboratory windings quality analyzer system designed to perform partial discharge (PD) measurements on components such as coils, motors, generators, etc. With the LT400, companies can perform standard high voltage tests (AC and Pulse) with PD measurements allowing the discovery of defects not detectable with the standard tests.

The LT400 integrates numerous tests into one solution that can provide:

• AC High Pot Test 50-60Hz with Partial Discharge measure (EN60270)

• AC Scanning PDIV-PDEV tests

• Pulse Partial Discharge Test (EN60034-18-41)

• Pulse Scanning RPDIV Test

• Surge test with PD

• Insulation Resistance Test

• DC High Pot Test

For use in the laboratory and quality departments, the LT400 allows:

• Selection of materials (wires, insulators, phase separator, etc.)

• Determination of the life cycle of the product under test before it starts to show a permanent degradation of the quality of the insulators

• Definition of production process (impregnation resin, temperature)

• Definition of limits of PD value to set in EOL Test for stator and motor

Main advantages of the LT400 include the fact that it uses the e.d.c.* partial discharge technology, which is based on capacitor coupling technology. As compared to antenna-type solutions normally applied in this market, the capacitor coupling technique is more sophisticated and less sensitive to external noise and, therefore, more suitable for applications in the production area.

The LT400 uses the same software as end of line testing, making it easier to correlate the laboratory results with those from the production line. It is also possible to combine and configure several tests in the same inspection cycle making it possible to use one product to accomplish what normally requires several different instruments.

*Marposs owns e.d.c. srl (Electrical Dynamic Company), a world leader in functional testing systems for electric motors and their components, with a specialization in partial discharge measurement technology that can identify 100% of defects that could generate e-motors failures.