Lucid Motors’ Wunderbox EV charging system

Lucid Motors’ Wunderbox EV charging system

August 10, 2022

Lucid Motors

Lucid Group, setting new standards with the longest range, fastest charging electric car on the market, released another episode in its Tech Talks video series, which reveals the innovative technology contained in the Wunderbox, Lucid's ultra-fast, ultra-flexible EV charging system.

Viewers receive an introduction to the Wunderbox system and how it makes it possible for Lucid Air to add as much as 100 miles of driving range with as little as five minutes of charging, or up to 300 miles of range in under 22 minutes. They'll also learn about the bi-direction charging features coming soon to Lucid Air, which are enabled by the Wunderbox system, and how they are potential game-changers for renewable energy.

The "Wunderbox" episode is the third installment in the 10-episode Tech Talks series. Each episode explores a different area in which Lucid's in-house technological innovations has led to breakthrough results, from EV batteries to aerodynamics to the way Lucid maximized space inside the vehicle by miniaturizing major vehicle components. Episodes are hosted by many of Lucid's leading experts, including Peter Rawlinson, Eric Bach, and Derek Jenkins, as well as subject matter experts including Emad Dlala and Jean-Charles Monnet. Taken as a whole, these experts will educate viewers on how Lucid's first luxury EV swept away conventional notions of what a vehicle is capable of in terms of efficiency, performance, charging, lighting, and interior space.

New episodes will be published regularly to the Lucid Motors YouTube channel on an ongoing basis.