E-mobility motor

E-mobility motor

September 10, 2019

Linear Labs


Fort Worth, Texas – Linear Labs’ high-torque HET motor was created specifically for micromobility uses, including in the growing e-scooters market. When tested, the HET provided 123% more torque compared to the Segway Ninebot ES4 motor, an industry-standard competitor.

“Micromobility is the second phase of our production plan, which began with electric car propulsion and will soon be available to the HVAC and industrial industries,” said Brad Hunstable, founder and CEO of Linear Labs. “We are now able to offer superior torque for yet another industry. The implications are staggering. The growing micromobility space is going to benefit from our developments not only in overall efficiency but in customer satisfaction, as well. These improvements in performance will benefit consumers with the ability for longer range and more power to climb steep grades in ways currently not feasible.”

The HET tests produced peak torque of 38N•m. This strong result is due in part to the unique design of the HET – an entirely new class of motor, a 3D circumferential-flux four-rotor permanent magnet motor that uses multiple rotors that can adapt to conditions while in motion. With the HET, magnetic flux from the rotors encircle the stators to prevent rotor flux leakage, making an almost perfect flux linkage that produces maximum torque.

Other types of competitive products leak magnetic flux in radial or axial topology, causing their torque levels to plateau at the point where the HET’s torque continues to climb. Additionally, Linear Labs micromobility motor is scalable for other micro-applications, including HET motors scaled larger for e-bicycle and moped uses.