KISSsoft software

KISSsoft software

November 23, 2021


When designing and optimizing tooth flank modifications (for profile and flank line), different proposals are often compared with each other. To simplify data management for these comparisons, several modifications can be grouped in KISSsoft, forming a variant or set and can be selected individually for a calculation.

The results from the contact analysis can be compared with each other to choose the best variant. The modifications in the individual variants can be taken from sizing functions, entered directly by the user or generated from measurement data.

When using CMM data from a tactile measurement, the data can be imported directly into KISSsoft and converted into a topological modification. The user can then examine the effect of the manufacturing deviations on the gear properties, such as transmission errors, contact stress, etc.

This function is an essential part of the "Design-Manufacture-Measure" concept for optimizing gear design with the inclusion of manufacturing deviations. The measurement data is linked to the design software so that any corrective measures can be quickly investigated and implemented.