Gravity's urban EV chargers

Gravity's urban EV chargers

May 13, 2022


Gravity, the electric vehicle infrastructure & fleet start-up, debuted its new urban fast-charger (TFC-C1) that solves the speed, space, and power challenges impeding EV adoption in urban areas.

At 360kW, Gravity's device delivers a faster charge than any other equipment on the market, while sized to fit virtually in any constrained indoor parking space, with floor, wall, and ceiling mounting options. Gravity is installing 24 of the new chargers at its Manhattan Plaza public charging hub on 42nd Street this spring, where they'll serve the public and Gravity's growing fleet of EV yellow taxis.

Gravity's fast-charging equipment also solves one of the key constraints holding back EV adoption: the high costs of power.  Because electric bills are largely driven by peak-demand charges, adding high-powered EV charging to a site can dramatically increase electricity costs. Gravity's charging system continuously balances the power demand from each vehicle with the demand from other site uses, while flexibly allocating power to chargers and managing total site peak-demand. This system ensures the largest driver of electricity bill costs holds roughly constant, while supplying each vehicle with the maximum power it can handle, lowering the cost of EV charging and helping smooth demand on the grid.

Gravity's Fast-Charger

Power: 360kw

Size: 39in (length) x 18in (width) x 8in (depth)

Mounting: Floor, ceiling, or wall mount

Cables: Liquid cooled CCS cables (>500amp) with proprietary cable retraction systems for ease of use without the mess and risks of exposed charging cables.