CCE's EnSuite-Cloud ReVue software

CCE's EnSuite-Cloud ReVue software

October 20, 2021


CCE, a provider of advanced CAD interoperability solutions, is enhancing its Real-time  Collaboration and Design Review Software, EnSuite-Cloud ReVue, by now allowing users to share 2D Drawing data in addition to 3D CAD support available since its launch.  

Since itslaunch earlier in the year,EnSuite-Cloud ReVue is being used extensively for sharing 3D CAD data for engineering design reviews.  With this recent update, EnSuite-Cloud ReVue now supports CATIA V5 2D Drawings in direct response to users clamoring for support of CATDRAWING data for the past several months.

“We have always had customers drive our product roadmap. When we set out to create this product, our focus was 3D data. But clearly there is significant interest for collaboration using 2D data as expressed by our user base. Even among 2D users, demand for CATIA V5 drawing data was clearly the highest. This update for support of CATDRAWING data is in direct response to the requests we have been receiving from our users. In the next few months, we will add 2D support for other formats like SOLIDWORKS and NX,” CCE’s V.P. Sales and Marketing Vinay Wagle says. 

EnSuite-Cloud ReVue supports latest versions all the major CAD formats, including CATIA V5, CATIA V6 (3DXML), NX, SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, Creo, Solid Edge among others. Besides allowing users to collaborate using 2D and 3D CAD data, users can also share engineering documentation via screen-share thanks to its multi-document support in the same collaboration session.

“Given our exclusive focus on engineering design collaboration, we always keep our product updated with support for the latest CAD formats and versions. So even though products like Zoom are suitable for simple collaboration using documents, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations, for engineering design reviews using a mix of complex 2D/3D CAD data with the added ability to screens-share supporting engineering documents, EnSuite-Cloud ReVue is the natural tool of choice,” Vinay says.