Data analytics software

Data analytics software

October 4, 2021

Desoutter Industrial Tools

Rockhill, South Carolina – Desoutter Industrial Tools is launching DeMeter, new software to provide predictive and prescriptive production data insights. DeMeter is a new element of the Industry 4.0 platform known as the Desoutter Ecosystem.

With the rise of digitalization and Industry 4.0, factories face the challenge of collecting available raw data and analyzing it to draw meaningful conclusions and actionable insights.

DeMeter brings production data insights. It automates production data by consolidating, processing, and analyzing it while offering recommended process improvements, allowing the user to make informed decisions faster. The information being produced by smart assembly tools can give valuable insights into the performance of individual tools or even entire production lines. It opens exciting new prospects for users, such as improving cycle time on the line, making continuous improvements to processes, and understanding production trends to improve long-term efficiency.

“I’m very excited that Desoutter has developed a new, data-driven solution that will help our customers accelerate their digital transformation,” stated Andrés Tamayo, Project Manager at Desoutter. He added, “In the smart factory, data is your most valuable commodity – producing insights and opening up exciting new possibilities that would have otherwise been missed.”

DeMeter will deliver insights into various aspects of their assembly lines. They’ll be able to gauge how they can increase uptime, boost productivity, improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and, best of all, reduce costs. Not only will performance data be available, but DeMeter will also determine and alert users on predictive maintenance and condition monitoring so companies can fix issues before they arise. Real-time dashboards display valuable KPIs in a visual, easily digestible format. Users can choose from standard dashboards or create custom dashboards to meet their individual needs allowing for tailored and relevant insights. Users will be able to get notifications and check on the status of devices in real-time and will have the ability to run historical reports to look for trends and areas to improve.

DeMeter is available as a software subscription service. DeMeter is compatible with Desoutter smart tools, traceability software CVi NET WEB, process control solution PivotWare, and even third-party sources. Based on open protocol, DeMeter is a product built for the future. Already designed to integrate with other industrial assets (non-Desoutter) it will pull data into a single user interface from multiple sources.

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