Delta Computer's RMC200 LC8 Load Cell Module

Delta Computer's RMC200 LC8 Load Cell Module

November 24, 2021

Delta Computer Systems, Inc.

Delta Computer Systems announced the I/O module for the RMC200 motion controller for up to 50 axes of synchronized position, velocity, and pressure/force control of hydraulic, electric, or pneumatic actuators. The new LC8 Load Cell module connects directly to eight load cells without the need for external signal conditioners.

The LC8 is expected to be particularly useful in testing applications where precise, high speed, force measurements are required, whether for force feedback to a motion axis or simply for monitoring of multiple load cells. The new module provides eight load cell inputs, divided between two detachable terminal blocks. The maximum sensitivity is 5mV/V in full Wheatstone bridge configurations, and quarter and half bridge configurations are supported with a user-supplied bridge completion circuit. Both four and six wire load cells are supported, and each of the eight inputs includes a sense input for wire voltage drop compensation.

Excitation voltage is 6.75 V, designed for 350-ohm load cells; lower resistance load cells are supported if current limits are not exceeded. Externally supplied excitation voltage is also supported within input range and maximum differential limits.

 “Delta motion controllers feature the ability to transition smoothly between position and pressure/force control, making them well-suited for testing applications. The LC8 module represents Delta’s ongoing commitment to providing the most powerful and versatile products for this market,” says Delta CEO Steve Nylund. “In concert with Delta’s powerful, easy-to-use RMCTools software, we believe the RMC motion controllers represent the best value available for high-performance applications.”