BLM Group’s Compressed air capability for all laser systems

BLM Group’s Compressed air capability for all laser systems

January 3, 2022


BLM Group USA announced the ability of high-pressure dry air (compressed) to be used as an assist gas on its flat sheet and tube laser cutting systems. Systems using compressed air can achieve faster speeds, improved cutting, and smoother edge quality, especially in aluminum applications, enabling users to choose the gas best suited for their material and application.

When used in aluminum applications, high pressure dry air produces virtually dross-free cuts while gaining up to 150% increases in speed on 1/8” thick aluminum. The low cost of air and speed of the operation makes this an excellent choice for any fabricator processing aluminum.

Compressed air is an appropriate choice for mild steel applications, it has a lower cost but comparable speed to nitrogen. However, the thickness of the materials that can be processed with compressed air will vary on the laser power; materials up to 1/8” can be cut using a 3kW laser or ¼” with a 6kW laser and above.  

As an assist gas, compressed air is a blend of other gases including nitrogen, a non-reactive gas, and reactive oxygen. The portion of inert air is high so it’s possible to achieve speeds equal to nitrogen cutting while the remaining portion of gas is oxygen, creating more heat in the cutting.

Additional benefits of using compressed air as an assist gas include:

  • It’s economical
  • Maintenance cost is low
  • Post-processing work can be minimized in many fabricating applications
  • It reduces or eliminates dependencies on 3rd parties for gas 

BLM Group has made this option available on its LT5, LT7, LT8.20, LT Fiber EVO, LT.14 and LT.24 laser tubes; its LT360 and LTFree 5-axis lasers; and its LC5 and LS5 2D laser systems.