Automated coolant management system

Automated coolant management system

August 31, 2021

168 Manufacturing

Brainerd, Minnesota – 168 Manufacturing, a brand of Precision Tool Technologies that designs and develops CNC machine shop automation technologies, announces its FS40 series of FullShop™ Automated Coolant Management Systems. Optimized for the most common CNC machine shop sizes, the FS40 enables these shops to take their productivity to the next level. Due to its modularity, one FS40 system can automate a few CNC machines or expand to accommodate up to 40 CNC machines.

Like the flagship FS120 system, the FS40 series monitors and replenishes all CNC sumps with optimized top-off ratios. This turnkey system is easy to install and consists of a centralized pumping station, controller, distribution manifolds, and level sensor that drops into the machine tool sump. Compared to the FS120, which has a footprint of 50" x 60", the new FS40 is more compact – 30" x 30".

Other features of the FS40 include:

  • A modular concept that supports five remote fluid nodes
  • Per CNC concentration control: top-off at 0.5% to 20%
  • Collaborative with FullShop™ coolant health app
  • Industry 4.0 features such as remote operation and teleservice
  • Simple low-cost installation

Like the FS120, the new FS40 enables unattended CNC operation, bringing lights-out capabilities to machine shops. Now, instead of operating one or two shifts a day with a shop full of operators, these shops can run high-volume jobs unattended overnight, keeping the spindles spinning 24/7, and unlocking greater productivity.