Vehya supports EVITP training, certification in U.S. and Canada

Electricians must have a state electrical license in states with licensing or 8,000 of proven electrical experience in states without license requirements.

September 17, 2022

Vehya is a platform designed to connect qualified electrical contractors and electricians with consumers for installation and service of products like EV chargers, solar, and battery storage. EVITP (Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program) is a brand agnostic, non-profit providing an industry standard 20-hour training course and exam for qualified electricians throughout the U.S. To be eligible to take EVITP, electricians must have a state electrical license in states with licensing or 8,000 of proven electrical experience in states without license requirements.

"Vehya wants to ensure our electric vehicle (EV)and EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) partners, receive the highest level of service in the industry. For this reason, we are excited to announce Vehya is committed to having 95% EVITP (Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program) certified electricians on our platform by 2025," states William McCoy CEO and founder of Vehya.

Electrical contractors, known as service providers, entering Vehya's platform across the U.S. will be provided a link to the EVITP online training platform during onboarding to encourage completion of both the 18-hour course and its two-hour certification test. "We will also be offering reimbursement of the EVITP training, certification and exam fee to those electricians who maintain at least a 9.0 service rating on Vehya's platform,” says Marissa McCoy, president, and co-founder of Vehya.

The White House: FACT SHEET announced the preferred standard for electric vehicle infrastructure installation and service is the EVITP (Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program). This is to 'increase the safety and reliability of charging station's functionality and usability,' according to The White House. This level of service is important because according to Business Insider on a study of DC fast chargers in California the highest EV adoption state, "A total of 22.7% of (EVSE) connectors were non-functioning due to problems including network connectivity issues, broken plugs, unresponsive screens, and payment system failures."

"Veyha recognizes the importance of partnering with quality electrical contractors and qualified electricians and supports the value of EVITP training and certification," relates Jennifer Mefford, National Co-Chair of EVITP.

"EVITP is a collaboration of industry stakeholders including Automakers, EVSE Manufacturers, Educational Institutions, Utility Partners, Electrical Industry Professionals, and key EV Industry Stakeholders. EVITP training and certification is comprehensive and covers residential, commercial, public, and fleet charging considerations," according to Mefford.

"We encourage Vehya's electrical service providers to get EVITP training and certification as soon as they onboard our platform. We want every electrical contractor and qualified electrician on Vehya's platform to be well positioned for the billions in funding for EV infrastructure and the growing demand in this market sector. For this reason, we will identify electrician profiles that include EVITP credentials and recognize EVITP Approved Contractors," explains McCoy.

The Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program training and exam is offered through an online platform and is available today in all states. Electricians and electrical contractors interested learning more about EVITP can go to and visit for more information.