Seoul Semiconductor Co. Ltd

Seoul Semiconductor relocates headquarters of automobile division to Germany

Boasts world's only LED and LD technology for vehicles using all wavelengths of light from ultraviolet to infrared, expects to focus on sales in Europe and North America by relocating the headquarters of the automobile division to Germany.

Seoul Semiconductor Co. Ltd, a global optical semiconductor company, will introduce a customized driving solution based on its future-innovative LED technology for automobiles, and propose a new lifestyle providing a clean driving environment and safety for pedestrians.

Based on its 2nd-generation LED technology achieved through 30 years of R&D, Seoul Semiconductor will present various applications for exterior and interior use of vehicles as follows: Violeds technology that sterilizes the surface and airborne viruses inside a car; Automotive headlights, daytime running lights (DRLs), and Micro Displays with WICOP technology that does not require wire connection or package; SunLike, a natural light technology that protects the eyes of passengers and fully shows the natural texture of the interior, maximizing the luxuriousness of the car; Various sensing functions from EPI to IR/VCSEL, sensor technology with Seoul Semiconductor’s original technology.

Seoul Semiconductor has focused on its R&D activities in optical semiconductors for over 30 years and has secured about 14,000 technologies in 2nd-generation LED industries. Seoul Semiconductor has a product portfolio with all wavelength bands (200nm to 1,600nm) from UV to Visible Ray, infrared (IR, VCSEL), which can be applied to any optical solution in automobiles. In the second half of 2022, Seoul Semiconductor will move its headquarters of the automobile division to Germany to attract customers and meet their requirements in full swing.