PowerCell launches new business area to facilitate transition to hydrogen electric solutions

PowerCell launches new business area to facilitate transition to hydrogen electric solutions

Transition Services will offer consulting services, application projects, training, and turnkey solutions.


PowerCell Sweden AB has decided to start the new business area Transition Services to make it easier for customers in different segments to switch to hydrogen electric solutions. Transition Services will offer consulting services and application projects as well as training and turnkey solutions.

The growing need to switch to more sustainable production and use of energy has in the past year brought with it a greatly increased interest in hydrogen electric solutions. To make it easier for customers in different segments to explore the possibilities of hydrogen and fuel cells, PowerCell Sweden has started the business area Transition Services to offer a wide range of services and products to assist customers in the choice of components and in the integration of technical solutions. For larger customer projects, PowerCell will also offer turnkey solutions through the new business area.

"Over the past year, we have noticed how customers are going from a phase where they order single fuel cells to test our technology, to start counting on how hydrogen electric solutions can offer a long-term alternative to existing and often fossil-based technology. Many customers will leave a technology that they may have used for almost a hundred years in favor of brand new solutions that they have minimal experience with. There we have an important role to play in making the transition easy and smooth. We want to create security for the customer," says Richard Berkling, CEO of PowerCell Sweden AB.

By facilitating the transition to zero-emission, hydrogen-based solutions, PowerCell expects that the new business area will also strengthen the company's product sales and help grow the base business.

"We see that with our many years of experience from research and development in the fuel cell and hydrogen field, we can create significant customer value higher up the value chain. It expands our positioning in the value chain where we can absorb valuable application data for the continued development of new business and next generation technology," Berkling says.

The new business area will be active in four main areas: consulting services, application projects, turnkey solutions, and training. The consultancy services will provide a comprehensive analysis of customers' needs including proposals for various technical solutions. Solutions that are not based on hydrogen and fuel cells will also be evaluated and recommended if they prove to better meet customers' needs. The application projects will be based on PowerCell's industrially stable fuel cell stacks and fuel cell systems and will be combined with the company's ability to project-specific and application-related customizations.

The new business area will be led by Andreas Bodén, who is responsible for developing new strategic business initiatives and driving the development of new product offerings with complementary business models.

"Transition Services will play a crucial role in our customers' transition to hydrogen electric solutions and therefore complement today's offering in a very good way," Bodén says.

Founded in 2008 as an industrial spin-out from the Volvo Group, PowerCell Sweden AB develops and manufactures fuel cell stacks and systems with high power density, for stationary and mobile applications. The fuel cells are powered by clean or reformed hydrogen and generate electricity and heat without any emissions other than water. The stacks and systems are compact, modular, and scalable, to adapt to customers' needs.