A process driven approach to digital transformation

A process driven approach to digital transformation

Join HCL in this upcoming webinar, taking place on June 16 at 1:00 pm ET.


Digital technology is reshaping the design for manufacturing business. Specifically, Aerospace and defense companies require transformation operations in order to effectively compete. Digital engineering accelerates research and development and improves manufacturing processes while reducing costs.

On June 16, join HCL in the upcoming webinar, DFX Strategy Improves Program Performance and Digital Transformation, and find out how you can advance time to market. 

DFMPro is a design for manufacturing solution that provides defense and aerospace manufacturers a process-driven approach to digitally transformation. With DFMPro, engineering teams make informed design decisions by identifying downstream manufacturing issues in, assembly, quality, serviceability (DFx) early in the design process, thereby reducing overhead with improved design quality and improving time to market.

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