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ESI Automotive achieves 84 % power density increase in EV efficiency

The potential of implementing vehicle efficiency improvements spearheaded by a systems-level approach to vehicle design have been further proven.


The research, carried out by ESI Automotive and engineers of customers, involved a series of real-world electric vehicle (EV) tests. The results demonstrate the efficiency benefits of using silver sintering technology for inverter designs versus a soldered solution.

The findings are pivotal to furthering ESI Automotive’s vision of OEMs generating valuable cost savings and vehicle efficiency improvements by taking a systems-level approach to the entire design and production process.

The analysis focused on power cycling and thermal resistance measurements and ESI Automotive supported customers replacing soldered die attach and wire bonding to a fully sintered top and die attach design. This enabled the inverter to operate at a higher power and temperature, facilitating miniaturization with a smaller cooling system. The new SiC power module approach resulted in an increased power density of 84% and endurance of more than 10 times. A 33.8% reduction in weight was also reported.

Chris Klok, director of vehicle electrification at ESI Automotive says that these results are critical in demonstrating the widespread benefits OEMs can achieve, simply by switching from soldering to silver sintering for some EV designs.

“These latest real-life results are testimony to just how revolutionary silver sintering technology is. Not only can power density and reliability be increased, but silver sintering can also have a positive light weighting effect, which drives further vehicle efficiency improvements,” says Klok. “The results are just a snapshot of what can be achieved now, and the direction cost-and-operationally efficient EV design is heading in the future. By making the move to current SiC die technology, powertrain engineers benefit from numerous significant performance and reliability gains. This forms the foundation for optimizing the traction inverter in the very near future.”

ESI Automotive utilizes ALPHA Argomax sintered silver, which has been successfully deployed in mass produced EV automotive inverter applications.