DLC-coated aluminum drilling tools

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June 17, 2021

SSMD replaceable tip drills include SMDT-NAL drill tips that feature proprietary diamond-like carbon (DLC) Aurora coatings. The high-efficiency replaceable drill tips are for machining aluminum alloys and non-ferrous materials. SMD holders include deep hole drilling up to 12x diameter standard, and the SMDT drill tip product lineup offers 15/32"-to-1-1/4" diameters to suit various applications.

Replaceable-tip drilling (SMDT-NAL), solid carbide drilling with DLC coating (MDW-NHGS), and DLC-coated indexable inserts (WDX) round out the lineup for aluminum holemaking.

Key benefits are smooth coating surfaces, stable chip evacuation, aluminum welding resistance to support high-quality surface finishes, and 60GPa hardness for abrasion resistance. Another advantage includes increased penetration rates due to low friction coefficient. Users can machine with 2x to 3x higher feed rates than uncoated drills, reducing cycle time and cost per unit.

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