Contamination-protected machining units; Speed increasers; Heavy-duty cart mover

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June 17, 2021

Contamination-protected machining units

Machining units use special guards to protect mechanical and electrical components against contamination from fiberglass dust and fibers, as well as dust from composite and 3D-printed products. Automated drilling, boring, tapping, threading, and other tools are available for high- production environments on these products throughout North America.

When drilling high-quality holes into sheet metal composites and dissimilar material stacks of resin-bonded fibers or 3D-printed polymer substrates, dust-protected machining units are a solution. Universal systems can be positioned everywhere alongside the workpiece for precise, automated machining. Regardless of the complexity of the workpiece or number of operations to be performed, all machining units work at the same time, and the longest operation defines the total cycle time when units are used in multiple setups.

Machining units can be applied from different directions and perform operations simultaneously. More operations in a smaller footprint lead to greater time savings, while standard and customized solutions are offered through an optimized modular component system.

Suhner Industrial Products Corp.

Speed increasers

Platinum Tooling, importer of live tools, angle heads, marking tools, Swiss tools, and multiple-spindle tools manufactured by various global suppliers, is now importing Henninger speed increasers for North America. Henninger manufactures specialized equipment and precision machine tool accessories. Spindle speeder types include mechanical, air, and electric motor-driven styles.

Speed increasers maximize productivity by achieving higher spindle speeds required for certain applications. They allow for less wear on the machine’s spindle when it’s not required to run at its max. speed.

Mechanical speeders are available with up to a 1:8 gear ratio and up to 50,000rpm. Air speeders can run continuously up to 80,000rpm, and high-frequency motor spindles can maintain up to 80,000rpm with high torque. Many speeders include automatic tool change capabilities and use modular designs.

Platinum Tooling

Heavy-duty cart mover

The CartMover XR’s capacity tops 20,000 lb and introduces features that increase productivity and ensure worker safety. An improved, extreme-duty lifting platform and frame deliver an enhanced ergonomic design and a 4" lift height allows moving a wide variety of carts over a greater range of surfaces. Paired with the long-life, easy-to-change lithium iron phosphate modular battery, the highly-maneuverable, CartMover XR is as easy to use as a pallet jack but far more powerful.

An increased lifting range allows the CartMover XR to accommodate almost any cart type or configuration without changing tooling, and the high-visibility body allows operators to easily spot the mover.

Designed for long-haul moves across a facility and short moves within a manufacturing cell, CartMover XR supports almost any manufacturing situation. It can be equipped with hitches to securely connect to various carts, bins, vehicles, or other wheeled loads.

Appleton Mfg.