Bridgestone to sponsor student autonomous racing

Bridgestone to sponsor student autonomous racing

50-mile, high-speed race to take place next year in Indianapolis as university teams field robo-racecars.


Nashville, Tennessee – Bridgestone Americas Inc. has signed on as the official tire supplier of the Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC), a global competition between university teams that pit identical race hardware against the best autonomous drive systems that students can program.

Scheduled for Oct. 23, 2021, the head-to-head race will pit Dallara IL-15 racecars against each other with no human drivers behind the wheels. University teams from Michigan, New York, California, Texas, and North Carolina are designing vehicles, as are teams in Israel, Poland, Germany, India, and Austria.

Bridgestone will work closely with the IAC and its participating teams to push the boundaries of self-driving car technology and increase public awareness of the impact that automation can have on society.

Bridgestone Americas President and CEO Paolo Ferrari said, "The Indy Autonomous Challenge is a groundbreaking event bringing young engineering minds and industry leaders together to deliver the next generation of autonomous technology, and Bridgestone is proud to be part of this effort to move the world ahead."