BILITI Electric launches GMW Taskman vehicle
BILITI Electric

BILITI Electric launches GMW Taskman vehicle

The 3-wheel delivery vehicle features SmartSwapp battery and solar panels.

November 22, 2021

BILITI Electric, the maker of compact electric vehicles, introduced the GMW Taskman, its electric vehicle with SmartSwapp battery technology.

The vehicle has a certified range of 110 miles and is designed for commercial last-mile deliveries. The SmartSwapp technology enables the user to simply swap the vehicle battery and get recharged in less than a minute. The Taskman has seen a collective mileage of 20 million miles and delivered 12 million packages so far. It is the first electric three-wheeler to be designed with a modular battery swapping. 

BILITI's SmartSwapp is much faster than traditional recharging and takes away range anxiety, prolonged charge times, and increases productivity with the same vehicle. Delivery agents can now fulfill orders in inner cities or suburbs without worrying about vehicle range and charging infrastructure. The vehicles are cloud-connected via mobile and show real-time availability of nearest SmartSwapp stations based on location.

"At AutoMobility, we also highlighted a very important green innovation for the first time —solar panels," says Rahul Gayam, BILITI Electric CEO. "The solar panels are mounted on three sides of the vehicle and provide enough power to fully recharge the Taskman battery in about three hours. You can rely on the sun for 100% recharge, for an extended range of another 110 miles."

The Taskman vehicle has been ground-tested by online commerce companies in US, UK, EU, Japan, UAE, India and Africa with Amazon, Walmart (Flipkart), IKEA, SokoWatch, BigBasket (Tata), Zomato, and several others. The vehicle is a smart, efficient, and economical way to deliver goods and packages in an urban environment.  

The company recently announced a $400 million PIPE investment commitment from Luxembourg-based GEM Global Yield LLC SCS (GEM). With certainty of a PIPE investment upon public listing, BILITI Electric is now well-positioned to deliver on the company's vision of accelerating the world's transition towards smart and sustainable mobility. 

GMW Taskman Specifications:

  • 100% electric
  • 110 miles/charge
  • 3.5 hours charging time
  • One-minute SmartSwapp battery mechanism
  • 1500 pounds payload
  • Speeds up to 25 mph
  • Mobile and cloud sync via BILITI app