5 things you need to know about Wenzel America

Advertorial - 5 Things You Need to Know

A cutting-edge family business founded on a bedrock of granite.

May 4, 2021

Wenzel America

1) History and family

Yes, we are a global player, but we act locally and strive to treat our customers like family. With WENZEL technology on your side, you become part of our family. Werner Wenzel started the family business in 1968 and has developed it from a small three-man operation to a worldwide leading manufacturer of measuring solutions. Dr. Heike Wenzel is now the sole managing partner, and she leads the company with the same focus on technological innovation and mechanical accuracy that has been our foundation since the beginning.

2) Granite

WENZEL remains a manufacturer, rather than just an assembler. That means we ensure the quality and performance of our products using a vertically integrated manufacturing process. At the heart of that process is granite. The use of granite in 3D coordinate metrology has already proven itself for many years, and no other material’s natural properties fit the requirements of metrology as well as granite. Granite is known for its durability and stability, not to mention the low thermal expansion coefficient and pore-free characteristics, making it the perfect base for high accuracy air-bearing construction.

3) Flexibility

We define flexibility in terms of being able to adapt our product offerings to what the market and customers need to be successful. Vertical integration in our manufacturing allows us to bring new products to market very quickly, such as a newly sized or configured machine that a customer needs. It also means being open to integrating laser scanners, software, or other technologies into our products to meet customers’ needs. This openness is a key factor in our flexibility.

4) Productivity and value

When throughput and productivity matter, our customers know they can trust WENZEL products for fast cycle times, increasing measurement capabilities with modern tools. The more complex the part, component, or product, the more sophisticated and flexible the measurement technology must be. Faster inspection, through cutting-edge probing solutions and efficient, modern software offerings, allows us deliver value and productivity to our customers so they can measure more parts, faster.

5) Perspective and partnership

“Your Problems are Our Problems, Your Goals are Our Goals.”

We live by this motto and believe it means seeing the world as our customers see it, sharing perspectives to find the best solution possible. We bring our flexibility into the field to help solve real-world challenges. Our customers appreciate this willingness to listen and adapt, defining our partnership on the outcomes we can achieve together. We bring this same philosophy to bear whether the customer is a large multinational, or a small manufacturing startup; We think global, and act local!

For more information: https://www.wenzelamerica.com