5 things you need to know about emobility

Advertorial - 5 Things You Need to Know

Eaton’s wide-ranging expertise in electrical systems and vehicle dynamics combine, making its eMobility unit a valued partner in developing new electric vehicles (EVs).

March 11, 2021

Photos courtesy of Eaton

1) Eaton’s eMobility business has extensive experience in electrification.

Eaton has been in the electric business for years. eMobility was formed to combine elements of our Electrical Group with our Vehicle Group. Eaton has extensive knowledge of vehicle dynamics, high-voltage management, electrical power, and vehicle safety standards.

Eaton sells a great number of electrified parts/components, including high-voltage fuses, on-board chargers, inverters, DC/DC converters, and electric vehicle (EV) transmissions. Eaton is a market leader in high-voltage fuses for electrified vehicles.

2) The need for intelligent, safe, and reliable power distribution solutions grows.

Several challenges emerge as voltage levels in vehicles increase, including the need to manage internal vehicle dynamics as well as safely protect against external events such as a car accident. eMobility is applying its expertise garnered in the electrical industry, where Eaton’s products and services reliably, efficiently, and safely manage power in excess of 36,000V.

3) Electrified vehicle systems traditionally rely on fuses and contactors that have limitations.

To address this, eMobility developed Breaktor™ circuit protection technology, a new advanced solution for EVs that combines the function of fuses, pyro switches, and contactors into a single coordinated device. With less than 5ms actuation up to 1,000V and 30,000A, Breaktor provides vehicle safety and protects components from overcurrent conditions more effectively than traditional circuit protection methods.

Breaktor also offers load breaking and overload and short-circuit breaking ability. In the event of a collision, Eaton’s Breaktor works in tandem with a vehicle’s safety systems to quickly disconnect the high-voltage battery from the rest of the vehicle.

4) eMobility leverages expertise in traditional vehicle architecture.

In addition to its extensive knowledge of vehicle dynamics, power management, and vehicle safety standards, Eaton also has domain expertise, integration knowledge, and infrastructure in place today, including 20 manufacturing facilities and nine research and development locations. Eaton’s deep expertise and long history as a leading global supplier makes it a trusted partner to customers.

5) Electric commercial vehicles have increased demand for multi-gear transmissions to boost efficiency and performance.

Eaton’s eMobility business’s range of multi-speed transmissions includes 2-, 4-, and 6-speed medium-duty electrified vehicle transmissions and a new 4-speed heavy-duty gearbox.

Eaton’s all-new HD 4-speed EV transmission is a lightweight, efficient countershaft gearbox with torque capacity up to 1,200N•m (885 lb-ft) and electric gearshift actuation enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to use smaller, more efficient and less expensive motors.

Road tests have shown 20%-to-30% efficiency improvements under normal driving conditions compared to a direct drive transmission, and 10%-to-15% improvement compared to current 2-speed solutions.

For more info: https://www.eaton.com/eMobility